Nature’s Life Ultra Omega 3/6/9 with coenzyme Q10 x 100


Complete omega supplement – our state-of-the-art blend supplies precisely calibrated ratios of unsaturated fatty acids. each softgel provides 412 mg omega 3, 250 mg omega 6, and 134 oleic acid, or omega 9. highest quality – natures plus ultra omega 3/6/9 is sourced from the highest quality, non gmo borage oil, fish oil, and flax oil available. our supplement comes in easy to swallow softgels. omega 3 – this fatty acid is known for its contribution to brain, joint, eye, and heart health. research suggests it may also lower the symptoms of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. omega 6 and omega 9 – omega 6 has been reported to support healthy skin and joints. omega 9 is linked to healthy cholesterol levels and is an energy booster.


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