Piping Rock Probiotic With Cranberry for Women -90 Capsules


Probiotics are friendly bacteria and are present in certain foods such as yogurt, tempeh and drinks like kombucha and kefir. While Probiotics can be hard to obtain through diet alone, a supplement is key to receiving additional daily support. Probiotics now come in many different forms of supplements including capsules, pills, gummies, chewable tablets and liquid drops. Looking for the best highest quality source of this supplement and probiotics that align with your health needs? Women’s urinary tracts and guts have special needs. Piping Rock caters to those needs with our extra strength Probiotic with Cranberry supplement. Each serving contains our Women’s Probiotic Blend which has specific strains of active organisms specially curated for the female gut. We’ve also added in the equivalent of 3,000 mg of cranberry for its added benefit

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