Garden Of Life Vitamin Code For Men -120 Caps


Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men Capsules are a whole food dietary supplement formulated specifically for men, made with a diverse mix of live bacteria and enzymes, and containing 19 vitamins and minerals. These vegetarian capsules are produced below 46oC for freshness and feature raw whole food nutrients. What’s in our Vitamin Code Men Capsules? Our Vitamin Code Men Capsules contain raw, uncooked base blends from 23 different fruits and vegetables, as well as natural food cofactors. Each capsule contains 19 vitamins and minerals, and a diverse mix of live bacteria and enzymes. They’re free from synthetics, fillers, artificial flavours, colours and additives. The Benefits of Vitamin Code Men: One small, easy-to-swallow daily capsule Whole food formula Uncooked and specially packed to preserve freshness


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