Tocovid Suprabio 200mg 30 Softgels



TOCOVIDTM SupraBio  contains an all-natural combination of mixed tocotrienol antioxidants which helps to protect body against harmful effects of free radicals that pose a potential danger in causing degenerative diseases, arterial damage, cataract & premature aging. Its new bio-optimum absorption system delivers a breakthrough in tocotrienol (T3) absorption. Research on dose of 400mg daily helps: *Neuroprotection on stroke prevention & TIA (Transient Oschemic Attacks) Mgt. *Cardioprotective properties that lowers cholesterol & prevent development of plague in blood vessels *Tumour/anticancer suppressive properties *Promotes hair growth *Liver protection & reduction of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Suitable for high risk factor of stroke & cardiovascular diseases like: High Blood pressure Diabetes High Cholesterol Obese/overweight Smokers


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