Piping Rock Vitex Chaste 820mg X 100 Caps


Vitex agnus -castus or Chaste Tree is a shrub that bears vibrant violet flowers and succulent berries. It’s indigenous to fertile areas of the Mediterranean and Western Asia. The Chasteberry fruit from these trees have been used for centuries for their valuable properties, popularly in tea. Chasteberry contains naturally occurring Iridoids, Flavonoids, Diterpenoids and other beneficial compounds. Looking for the best source of this amazing herbal extract? We’ve delved deep into the Mediterranean to find the best form of this incredible shrub. Piping Rock’s supplement delivers the equivalent of 820 mg of Chaste Tree Vitex Berry Fruit Powder in potent quick release capsules.** It’s Gluten Free, Non-GMO and contains no Artificial Sweetener or Preservatives. Perfect for active women and strong herbal support. For high-quality herbs


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