PIC Hot Water Bottle



Pic hot water bag can be used as a hot water bottle. double laminated lamellar or ribbed type of surface is designed to allow a gradual approach to heat. reinforced metal screw cap that ensures maximal heat retention ensures no risk of scalding or leakage due to the metal screw cap. it is designed to help reduce muscle spasm and provides an analgesic effect. used for problems which require prolonged heat application. pic hot water bag is a simple and traditional remedy for muscle and neck pains and aches such as arthritis pain, menstrual pain. the hot water bags are for applying to pain points on the body to bring about relief. when applied to the pain point, they relax your tissues in a completely natural way. it is an easy to use effective do-it-yourself heat therapy. thanks to their special construction, the hot water bags have been designed for maximum heat retention, with a reinforced metal screw cap that eliminates leaking so there is no risk of scalding. the surface releases heat


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