Omron M6 Comfort Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Intellisense technology – Inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each use
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff technology – Accurate results in any position around the upper arm
  • Irregular heartbeat detection – Indicates if irregular heartbeat is detected
  • Easy blood pressure LED – See at a glance if your blood pressure is normal or high
  • 3 averaging functions – Morning, evening, weekly
  • Dual sized Comfort Cuff (22–42 cm)
  • Hypertension level indicator
  • Dual user capacity with 100 memory each


M6 Comfort comes with the Intelli Wrap Cuff technology, which supports 360 degrees accuracy, enabling accurate results in any position around the upper arm. Fully featured automatic blood pressure monitor with cutting edge technology offering the very best in the fight against hypertension. This device provides the most comprehensive way to check your blood pressure with dual check function.
Stroke prevention – Helps to detect stroke risk¹ Clinically validated Intellisense Technology – measurement without unpleasant feeling of pressure Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology – 360 accuracy. Accurate results in any position around the upper arm.2 Blood Pressure Level Indicator – Indicates if result is above recommended level Cuff Wrap Guide – Supports accurate  measurement Irregular Heartbeat Detection.Regular blood pressure monitoring in the home is an essential part of any prevention programme so you and your physician can build up an accurate picture of your health.Home blood pressure monitoring is now easier with OMRON’s unique M6 Comfort automatic digital blood pressure monitor with Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology. This technology helps to reduce the inaccuracy caused by incorrect cuff positioning, known to be a key source of error in home blood pressure measurement. The Intelli Wrap Cuff is also pre-formed which makes it easier to put on to your arm with one hand, making blood pressure measurement even more simple.


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