Dr Brown’s Masque Medical



Dr brown’s face mask quality 3ply facemasks filter out airborne particles and tiny droplets to ensure maximum safety. the primary function of face mask is to prevent the transmission of viruses, germs and allergens via respiratory droplets, which can easily get in through the mouth and nose when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks or yawns. these droplets travel into the air when released, hence the rapid transmission of the virus. thus, wearing face mask ensures your protection and safety at all time.wearing face mask might be inconveniencing and uncomfortable for you, but actually, it makes the spread of virus uneasy and discomforting.the double stringed ear loops of the dr brown’s face mask will make it fit comfortable on your face. suitable and applicable for every situation for gardening, painting, construction, quarantine, self isolation nail salons, medical, dental uses and people with allergies. dr brown’s face masks includes 50pcs face masks, which can be used for yours


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